Well Ahead

  • Volunteer at a Scentwork trial you are not entered in. Try and work in as many different volunteer roles as possible.

  • Network/recruit 4-5 experienced Scentwork Volunteers to act as your Element Leads for your trial

  • Ask your Trial Secretary to offer guaranteed spots for volunteers. Make sure this is added to the premium, along with clear instructions on how people can sign-up to volunteer. 

  • Try and secure 2-3 people who will volunteer that are new to the sport or just want to help that aren't running dogs in the trial.  (One of these non-entered Volunteers will can be your Hide Steward.

A Few Weeks Before

  • Get a list of your volunteers from the trial secretary ahead of the trial. Confirm their availability for the weekend and get an idea of their Scentwork experience level.

  • Ask your trial secretary to put the volunteers at the front of the running order. You can  use a "skeleton crew" make sure the volunteers are able to successfully have their turns, and then they will be free to help with the rest of the class.

  • Make the trial secretary aware that the running order will need to be printed as Combined A and B so  your running order is in numerical order. This is a feature that I had the software developer add recently, so the option isn't appearing in your software, you will have to reach out to the developer to have it added. 

  • Work with your trial secretary to determine how parking lot flow will be managed. Make sure you will have the needed equipment at the trial (flip numbers, magnets etc)















The Day Before

  • Attend the walk-thru with the judges at the trial site. 

  • Finalize the areas that they would like to use for the elements, determine your traffic flow.

  • Once you are clear where the elements will be held and what the traffic flow will be, make sure you have the needed tarps, panels, clips to to block line of site. Start getting line of set blocking set-up if possible.

  • Odor boxes - have a volunteer build the required number of boxes to meet the needs of your trial. 

  • Determine which room at your facility will be used to store odor and used boxes.

  • Fill your containers for buried hides to the required level - make sure you have enough soil or sand. 

  • Make sure you have several copies of the running order for each class. One to post outside for competitors, one for the parking lot steward, one for the gate steward, and one for the judge. I will also take all of the scoresheets for that class, make sure they are in order, and paperclip to them to the running order so I have a "pack" for each class.


Print combined A and B running orders

Parking lot flip numbers

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