Magnets for Volunteer management

Magnetic Dry Erase Board 11" x 14". Includes 6 Magnetic Dry Erase Markers, Assorted Colors. 

The first several times I was a Volunteer Coordinator for a Scentwork trial, I spent weeks ahead of the trial date carefully planning all of my Volunteer assignments in excel. And what happened at both trials? Everything that was planned had to be changed. This was due to changes by the Judge/CO in flow, which Elements were running when, which elements were running at the same time etc.

I have now switched to this flexible magnet system. The only Volunteer roles I assign ahead of time are those of the Element leads. The night before the trial I write the names of all of the other volunteers on a separate magnet. As volunteers arrive I then assign them to specific duties, and place their "name tag" in one the board next to the job they have been assigned to. If Volunteers can't remember which role they have been assigned, I ask them to take a picture of the board. 

Another reason this has worked well as on the day of the trial you might find out some Volunteers have an injury and can't stand for long periods, need to leave early, etc. 

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