Completing the AKC Scent Work entry form can be intimidating if its your first time. Below you will find some instructions and tips that should help you get through it. 


1 - Trials

This column will list the trial dates and numbers. One or two trials may be held on the same day- this is up to the club and varies by event.  

Trials can be run in any order, including back-to-back. This could have you compete in Novice Trial 1 and Novice trial 2 one right after the other.  Or Trial 1 may be held in the morning and Trial 2 in the afternoon. 

You can enter any combination of trials that you like. If there are 2 trials per day over 2 days, and a class (lets use Advanced containers as an example) is offered in each trial, you could enter Advanced containers 4 times:

Day 1 - Trial 1, Trial 2

Day 2 - Trial 1, Trial 2

If the club is offering all 4 elements, the number of classes you can enter will add up quickly. If all 4 elements are offered for all 4 trials over 2 days - you would have the opportunity to enter 16 classes.  Not only can this be overwhelming for you and your dog, it can get quite expensive!


Clubs usually charge on a per class basis. If the premium lists the cost of a class entry as $25 per class, and you are running all 16 classes, your entry fee's would total $400 for the weekend. 

Feel free to pick and choose the classes and trials you want to enter for the pace that will work for you and your dog (and your budget!)

2 - Classes

The classes that are being offered at each trial are listed in the section of of the entry above labelled 2.  If more than one trial is being held per day, clubs don't have to have the exact same classes offered. Classes are as follows:

Novice A/B





Clubs again have the choice on what to offer. These decisions are usually based on space available,  and the suitability for the classes. For example, the Master Exterior class requires 2-3 search areas that are 600-1000 sq ft total. Not every trial location will be able to accommodate this requirements, so the class may not be offered. 

On your entry form, check the boxes of the classes that you want to enter for the appropriate days and trials. 


The entry above shows what it would look like if you entered the following classes.

Day 1

Trial 1 - Novice Container, Novice Exterior

Trial 2 - Novice Container

Day 2

Trial 1 -Novice Interior, Novice Buried

Trial 2 - Not entered

Day 3

Trial 1  - Not entered

Trial 3  - Not entered




In order for your dog to participate in an AKC Scent Work trial, they must first be registered with the AKC.  

You can find more information about that process as well as REGISTER HERE

Your dog does not have to pass any pre-test or ORT to be eligible to enter a trial 

More information about class eligibility can be found HERE in the AKC Scent Work Rule Book. 



Required fields are indicated with an * below.  On the entry itself the blue fields are required. Its hard to tell  which fields are required after you print the entry, as most of us are printing in black and white. 

Make sure you print clearly!!!

The trial secretary needs to be able to read everything easily.

AKC Registered Name* - The registered name of the dog as found on the Manage Dogs page of AKC.org 

Registration Number* - The dog registration number as found on the Manage Dogs page of AKC.org 

Call Name* - Whatever your casual name is for your dog.  

Date of Birth* - needs to match the birthdate listed on  the Manage Dogs page of AKC.org 



Variety -  not required

Breeder - not required

Sire - not required

Dam -  not required

Owner* - The owner's name

Owner's Address* 

City, State, Zip*



Handler Name (if different from owner) - If the person handling the dog at the trial is different than the owner, list that name here. 

Junior Handler # (if applicable)

You can access your dog's information at
AKC.org/Sign in/My AKC/Manage Dogs


Read and sign the waiver. Add your phone number, email address, and emergency contact info. This page will print separate from the entry form, so be sure to include it. 


Trial entry fees may be a flat rate - say $25 per class. You just take the number of classes  you are entering multiplied by the entry fee and you will have your total. 

Other trials may offer a price break for more than one entry in a trial - you might see something like this in the premium. 

What is important to note is that the discounted fee for entering more than one class is PER TRIAL! Reference the classes and trials section of the premium to be aware of how many trials there are in a day.

If there are 2 trials per day, you need to calculate the entry fees for each trial separately. Here is an example:

Saturday - Trial 1

First class - $20, second class $15, third class $15  - Fees would be $50

Saturday - Trial 2
First class - $20, second class $15, third class $15 Fees would be $50

Your entry fees for the day would be $100. 

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