Practice run and description by Penny Fox-Scott showcasing the AKC DETECTIVE CLASS - Purina Farms, May 2018.

Place your hides of similar odor and strength in a labeled glass storage jar. 

I will store source in scent vessels for just a few weeks at a time, and then discard. The essential oils will break down the plastic and can change the scent of the odor. I prepare hides in advance for convenience, so I can grab and go when I am ready to train. 

Add your labelled  hide jars to your storage kit.  You don't have to add your source to scent vessels ahead of time, you can wait and prepare the hides when you are ready to train. I usually have both - some jars with just prepared swaps (source) and other jars with source added to scent vessels (hides).

When you are done, place your paper towel in your baggie. Wipe up any spills with vinegar on a paper towel. Turn your gloves inside out, and place in the baggie.

Place this trash in an area that your dogs aren't able to access.

Your dogs should be done with their Kongs by now, and can come back in the room.

Your source and/or hides are complete!

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